99% of citizens in most 'democratic' countries and states are allowed to participate ONLY IN THE FIRST TWO of the 'three pillars of democracy' - legislature, administration and judiciary.
They are prevented, even forbidden to FULLY participate in the democratic process by being unable to be elected to judiciary which is reserved only to those FROM AMONG LAWYERS!

As the continuation of feudalism under disguise, particularly in countries with 'Westminster style democracy', members of judiciary are selected ONLY from certain families and never on merits.
In most countries there is no any kind of public pre-selection process
- no need to posses any specific or useful qualifications,
- no competence test or verification,
- no any test of ‘professional knowledge’ and abilities,
- no appraisal of psychological tendencies and human weaknesses,
- no ethical scrutiny,
- no verifiable evidence of possessing sense of civil responsibility
- no verifiable evidence of moral and ethical responsibility in the past

Lawyers are looking at themselves as the new breed of pompous, self-presumed 'master race', as 'first class citizens', who through lawyer infested legislatures introduced 'laws' giving themselves monopolistic privilege of FULL CITIZENS RIGHTS and they are able to FULLY participate in a democratic process of governing a state or a country while 'lawfully', 'legally' - with openly and publicly displayed contempt - deprived such right to 99% of the other 'second class citizens' kept in apartheid conditions.

Such situation is maintained by lawyer infested 'governments',
such situation is kept quiet by presstitutes from 'mass media',
such situation is camouflaged by appearance of the system kindly allowing people to participate in third grade strictly controlled and manipulated token device called 'juries'- where there is 'opportunity' to be manipulated into making a prearranged 'decisions'.
Such situation is kept concealed by throwing in 'red herring' issues by lawyer dominated 'civil libertarians', 'human rights defenders', etc to keep people distracted and/or occupied with discussing peripheral issues instead of major ones.

Equality under the law, of all civil and political rights, is my (and yours) basic human right as per International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Articles 2, 3, 25, 26 and other International laws and covenants.
This Covenant is included in the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
as - Schedule 2 -  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

This is also done in breach of Statute of Monopolies 1623 - by giving monopolistic privilege to a specific group of people in the society.
This is valid law in this State - IMPERIAL ACTS APPLICATION ACT 1984 - Queensland Legislation

The current arrangements in the selection of judiciary are illegal monopolies - operating under implied consent and power that they have usurped and otherwise stolen from the people (Australian CITIZENS)


Please don`t tell me that my fight with corrupt, rotten, feudal, evil system
and the witchdoctors and their backers is a joke ... I do not get it.